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Different types of musical instruments and musical appliances and their different applications

There are different types of musical instruments and different types of musical appliances. All these musical items are designed and made for different purposes. Specific features of each musical item is different from other musical items to help it provide the best functionality and the most convenience in its desired setting.

For example, there are different types of guitars in the world today. There are two major types; the acoustic guitars and the electric guitars. Electric guitars are the most commonly used guitars used today for live performances. In the class of electric guitars, there are also many types within them. There are different types of electric guitars designed for different kind of music. For example, there are electric guitars that are designed for playing hard metal music.

Amongst the numerous types of musical instruments available in the world today, there are musical instruments that cannot be played in the same setting due to the amplitude of the sound they produce. For example, in a home setting, especially in a place where one lives close to the neighbors, one cannot play very loud music. Instruments such as drums and trumpets would be too much of a nuisance to the neighbors. One can however comfortably play instruments such as flutes and acoustic guitars in their home.

Some musical instruments are used differently due to their size and weight. For example when travelling, it would be very inconveniencing to travel with an acoustic piano. An electric piano would be much lighter, much smaller, and more resilient to damage. There are also smaller lighter guitars that are specially designed for travel. There are even guitars that can have their necks folded or detached for easier packing during travel.

Apart from musical instruments that are made with different designs suited for different settings and different use, musical appliances are also made and designed with the same approach. For example, there are sound amplifiers that are designed for small enclosures while others are made to be used for larger rooms. There are also amplifiers that are designed for use out in the open. Despite being more powerful, these amplifiers may have additional features that protect them from the elements such as rain.

There are other musical items that are not necessarily made to produce music or to enhance produce music. Some musical items are made to provide the individual with a better experience playing the music. For example there are different types of music players. Some are to be used in small rooms, some can be used for large audiences such as in halls, and some are designed for personal use such as the iPod, the MP4 players, and other portable music players.

There are also musical items such as karaoke players. Karaoke players are appliances that help in improving the user’s experience singing along to known or favorite music tracks. There are karaoke machines that can be used in venues such as entertainment resorts while there are simple karaoke home machines that can be used in the comfortable confines of the home.